3 Days 危情三日 DVD

3 Days 危情三日 DVD
3 Days 危情三日 DVD 3 Days 危情三日 DVD
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Korean Drama : 

3 Days 危情三日 (Vol. 1 - 16 End)


  • Starring: Park Yoo Chun, Son Hyun Joo, Park Ha Sun, So Yi Hyun, Yoon Je Moon, Choi Won Young, Jang Hyun Sung

  • Language: Korean/ Mandarin 

  • Subtitle: English/ Chinese/ Malay

  • Media Type: NTSC, All Region Code

  • Production: Korea SBS 2014

  • No of CDs: 4 DVDs (16 Episodes) 


A drama about the president who goes missing during his vacation after three rounds of gun shots at his own villa and his bodyguards who pursue the case and try to save him. The drama traces the footsteps of the security guards who try to locate the missing president and unfold the mystery surrounding the president′s disappearance.

《 危情三日》是发生在青瓦台警卫员中的故事,讲述了三个三天共九天内发生的事。该剧讲述韩国总统度在度假时神秘失踪,朴有天饰演的总统护卫韩泰京在寻找总统时,发现总统失踪事件背后有着更大阴谋的故事。


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