Chinese Drama DVD: The Empress of China 武则天 (HD) Good Eng Sub

Chinese Drama DVD: The Empress of China 武则天 (HD) Good Eng Sub
Chinese Drama DVD: The Empress of China 武则天 (HD) Good Eng Sub Chinese Drama DVD: The Empress of China 武则天 (HD) Good Eng Sub
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The Empress of China 武则天


  • Audio: Mandarin (PRC)/Cantonese
  • Subtitle: English, Chinese Simplified
  • No. of Disc: 15 DVDs (75 Episodes Complete)
  • Format: PAL; Widescreen 16:9; All Region



In the 11th year of the Zhenguan reign, Wu Ruyi (Fan Bing Bing), at the age of 14, is summoned to the palace where she not only stands out from the crowd, shining in all her beauty and magnificent dancing, but also makes a tremendous impression on Emperor Taizong of Tang Li Shimin (Zhang Fengyi) when she first encounters him. Following the tragic death of a consort candidate, all the evidence points to Ruyi, who is repeatedly interrogated and tortured by Consort Wei (Zhang Ting), and then placed under house arrest. Although her sworn sister Xu Hui (Janine Chang) seeks help from Consort Yang (Kathy Chow), Ruyi is still unable to escape from her catastrophic fate. One year later, Ruyi is released and has an audience with the Emperor, during which she tactically makes the foreign ambassadors concede their defeat and submit to the Tang Emperor, so Emperor Taizong bestows the name Mei Niang upon her.All of a sudden, Mei Niniang is under attack from all sides of the inner palace and engulfed in the world of ploys and conspiracies against each other. Later on, Mei Niniang falls in love with Shimin, yet they keep an on-again-off-again relationship, eventually, grief-stricken Mei Niang is banished to be a nun. After learning that Mei Niang conceived the late Emperor's offspring, Emperor Gaozong of Tang Li Zhi (Aarif Rahman) is determined to escort her back to the palace. unfortunately, being framed, Mai Niang suffers a miscarriage, leading her to the road of revenge. She manipulates Li Zhi, gradually rising to monarch. In the 6th year of Yonghui's reign. Mei Niang is officially conferred the title Empress. The Tang Empire grows larger and more prosperous, however, for Li Zhi, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak until his death. Inevitably, Mei Niang is driven to the grip of all sorts of power struggles...     

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