A Cheeky Angel DVD (TV 1 - 50 End) DVD

A Cheeky Angel DVD (TV 1 - 50 End) DVD
A Cheeky Angel DVD (TV 1 - 50 End) DVD A Cheeky Angel DVD (TV 1 - 50 End) DVD
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Anime DVD : 

A Cheeky Angel/魯莽天使 DVD (TV 1 - 50 End) DVD 

  • Language: Japanese

  • Subtitle: Chinese/ English 

  • Media Type: NTSC: Widescreen 16:9, All Region

  • No of CDs: 5 DVD (50 Episodes) 


Megumi-chan is a girl with a secret past. She used to be a boy until she met a person she thought was a magic user. This person gave him/her a magical book from which a genie appears to grant one wish when blood is applied to it. Megumi made the wish to be a man in a man's body but the genie has a twist: he grants wishes backwards so he turns Megumi-kun aged 9 to Megumi-chan. Years pass and Megumi enters High School where she immediately beats up the school bully who of course falls in love with her. She is looking for that book again to be able to reverse the spell placed upon her.

故事挺有意思,是一个原本调皮、好斗的少年在9岁的时候遇到一个“魔法师”给了他一本魔法书,不小心翻开后 换来一个会满足一个愿望的小丑精灵,男孩子“天使惠”是要变成“男人中的男人”,结果被专门恶作剧的小丑念咒语变成了“女人中的女人”,结果可想而知,女 孩子的“天使惠”长到15岁已经出落的明朗动人,就是那种走在路上会被人驻步围观的大美女,仿佛天使降临人间一样。可是内在还是一个粗暴的男孩子,拳脚功 夫了得,而且多年来仍然没有放弃变回男生的年头,觉得周边的男生令人讨厌失望,立志要做一个真正的好男人给大家看。为了寻找魔法书“天使惠”进入到了一所 新的中学里认识了一堆奇奇怪怪而且对她极度迷恋的男生,一些列有趣的事情就开始不断发生了。

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