Fairy Tail (OVA 1 - 2) DVD

Fairy Tail (OVA 1 - 2) DVD
Fairy Tail (OVA 1 - 2) DVD
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Anime DVD : 

Fairy Tail (OVA 1 - 2) DVD

  • Language: Japanese

  • Subtitle: English/Chinese/Malay 

  • Media Type: NTSC: Widescreen 16:9, All Region

  • No of CDs: 1 DVD (2 OVA) 


OVA 1: Welcome to the Fairy Hills

Lucy comes across a mysterious written request. The client is looking for an object that is in Fairy Tail's female dormitory, Fairy Hills. To verify the request, Lucy visits Fairy Hills, and discovers that the client is Hilda, the dormitory head who is looking for a "shining treasure." Meanwhile, Natsu and the other guild members are cleaning their pool.

OVA 2: Fairy Academy

The anime adaptation of the manga side story "Yousei Gakuen Yankee-kun to Yankee-chan," which puts the characters of Fairy Tail in a school setting. The title is a parody of Miki Yoshikawa's "Yankee-kun to Megane-chan."

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