Backkom Bear: Agent 008 The Movie DVD

Backkom Bear: Agent 008 The Movie DVD
Backkom Bear: Agent 008 The Movie DVD Backkom Bear: Agent 008 The Movie DVD
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Cartoon DVD: 

Backkom Bear: Agent 008 The Movie (2017)

  • Language: Mandarin

  • Subtitle: English, Chinese

  • Production: 2017

  • No of CDs: 1 Disc

  • Media Format: NTSC; Widescreen 16:9; All Region


Humans blow up all of Antarctica, with only Backkom (known as Bernard in English dubs) surviving. He is later adopted by a girl named Jessica and named Backkom.

Many years later, Backkom is at the Zoo (which every time people see him he's sleeping). An annoyed boy throws a can at him which Backkom makes fly back to him. Backkom works as a janitor at the Security Department. A man's head catches fire after an explosive pen blows up, Backkom hits him in the head with a shovel. Suddenly polar bears drop bombs all over the city, because humans destroyed there homes, so they decide to destroy human's homes too. An agent sneaks into the polar bear's spaceship, which he gets caught and frozen. The people put a super brain chip into Backkom turning him into a spy (but he's still dumb).

Backkom goes into a training montage, but fails remembering his mother's "death". Backkom is sent on a mission to sneak into the polar bear's base and get rid of the bombs. The villain catches Jessica and looks through her memories. Backkom tries to defuse the bombs, but is unable to. Backkom finds out that the polar bear behind all this was actually his mother. Many years ago after Antarctica blew up, humans used polar bears to do experiments on, which turned Backkom's mother evil.

The president launches a missile, which is stopped by Backkom's mother. Backkom decides to live with his family and the other polar bears. A robotic bee comes out of a fish stinging Backkom in the butt.

In a mid credits scene, Backkom and Jessica try to stop penguins from destroying the world. Only for Backkom to screw up and chased by the penguins.

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