Chinese Drama DVD One and Only + Forever and Ever (2021)

Chinese Drama DVD One and Only + Forever and Ever (2021)
Chinese Drama DVD One and Only + Forever and Ever (2021) Chinese Drama DVD One and Only + Forever and Ever (2021)
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Chinese Drama DVD: 

 One and Only + Forever and Ever (2021)

  • Language: Mandarin

  • Subtitle: Chinese/English

  • Media Type: NTSC; Widescreen 16:9, All Region

  • Production: 2021

  • No of CDs: 6 DVD


ONE AND ONLY (Ep 1-24 end):
Zhou Sheng Chen (Ren Jialun), Jr. Nanchen King, is a hero who is loyal to the country. Cui Shi Yi (Bai Lu), daughter of an esteemed family, is the appointed Crown Princess since birth. Cui Shi Yi is sent to Nanchen Royal Mansion to learn some skills. There, Cui Shi Yi falls in love, without knowing it, with Zhou Sheng Chen during her stay. However, their relationship cannot progress due to their responsibilities. When the border is at stake again, Zhou Sheng Chen has to lead the army to war, while Cui Shi Yi has to marry the Crown Prince. However, at this moment, Zhou Sheng Chen is seriously injured, and sadly dies after leaving Cui Shi Yi his last words.

FOREVER AND EVER (Ep1-30 end):
Shi Yi (Bai Lu), a gentle and low profile voice actor, meets Zhou Sheng Chen (Ren Jialun), a refined chemistry professor at the airport. Despite the brief encounter, both have a deep impression on each other. Zhousheng Chen rejects his family's arrangements and proposes to Shi Yi, whom he has good feelings for. The couple manage to salvage the business and preserve the traditional arts. However, just when they are about to reap the fruits of their labor, Shi Yi gets seriously injured while saving Zhousheng Chen from being harmed. Zhousheng Chen puts aside his career and dedicates all his time to taking care of Shi Yi. After recovery, they promise never to leave each other's side

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